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Digitally Transform Telecom Through Conversational Interfaces and AI 

With Sofia Platform, Telecom companies can automate their customer-related processes, analyse customer engagements, reduce customer churn, increase customer retention and initiate upsell/cross-sell actions.

Sofia can help with:

  • Outbound calls to generate leads to sell plans and upsell add-ons subscriptions
  • Outbound calls to customers, for payment reminders, overdue balances and mode of payment.
  • Inbound calls to answer queries on upgrades and new subscription plans
  • Complaints registration and resolution
  • Scheduling service visits
  • Troubleshooting guidelines

Sofia can help with:

  • Premium payment reminder
  • Claims Assessment
  • Policy Enrolment & renewal
  • Benefits Management
  • Policy Enquiry Agent
  • Billing and payments

Digitally Transform Insurance Through Conversational Interfaces and AI

Sofia helps insurance companies to digitize both their inbound and outbound call centres. Our conversational AI technology helps to improve the contact centre experience by automating customer service requests, new customer sign-ups and pinpoint root causes behind customer issues.

Financial Services

Digitally Transform Financial Services Through Conversational Interfaces and AI

Engage Sofia to resolve issues with large customer service volumes and deepen customer engagement over multiple channels of communication such as Voice, WhatsApp, Messaging, Smart IVR and Web-based Text.

By handling routine calls, Sofia allows human contact centre agents to focus on more complex customer issues by addressing customer pain points and creating more growth opportunities from existing and new customers.

Sofia can help with:

  • Inbound & outbound customer service calls
  • Live agent transfer
  • Lead generation
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Product information and enquiries

Sofia can help with:

  • Student Admission
  • Campaigns
  • Register
  • Orientation Programs
  • 7/24 Information
  • Campus Life
  • Career Service
  • Alumni

Digitally Transform Education Through Conversational Interfaces & AI

Sofia can be deployed 24 × 7 for enhanced student satisfaction and higher productivity along the student journey.

Engage prospective students and drive qualified lead generation for enrolment with Sofia’s AI Admissions Assistant. By providing all relevant program-related information in a simplified manner, Sofia AI Admissions Assistant encourages potential student candidates to engage in a conversation with a logical conclusion.

The qualified leads captured in this process can be fed into a back-end CRM system or delivered in whatever format that the customer wishes – reducing the routine and repetitive workload of the Admissions Office.

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