Pasia – Webinar

PASIA conducted a Webinar on the 26th August on “Conversational AI Technology for the Philippines” in partnership with, It was attended by over 150 participants.

SYNOPSIS: The Webinar event, the first of its kind in the Philippines, was targeted at the CXO community from across the business spectrum who are potentially aware of the business impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but are yet to take their first steps towards AI adoption in their respective organizations. The Webinar focused on the critical importance and value of adopting AI in business enterprises; how conversational AI brings operational efficiencies and productivity gains; and how PASIA + COGNIUS can help the Philippines enterprises in their digital transformation initiatives.

MODERATOR: Ms Imelda (Ida) Tiongson


• Mr Charlie Villasenor, CEO of PASIA and Transprocure
• Mr Jonathan Defensor, President of Philippines Software Industry Association
• Mr Vijay Srinivasan, CEO Pte Ltd., Singapore
• Mr Sanjay Salhotra, CFO Pte Ltd., Singapore


There was significant interest on the topic of Conversational AI as demonstrated by the participants who sent in a number of queries via the online chat while the presentations were in progress. Many of these questions were answered online by the speakers.

Apart from the above, the Moderator directed several questions to the respective speakers, depending on the relevance of the query. There was a lively discussion on the issues of building the competency levels of AI in the Philippines, and how the talent-rich nation can position itself uniquely as a leader in ASEAN for such technologies.

The live recording of the Webinar can be viewed on Facebook at the following URL Click Here

The Cognius speakers are featured from 0:49:55 to 1:46:07 minutes of the above video recording. After this timeframe, there was a lively Q & A session which can be played as well.