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Our AI Technology

“Our goal is to provide the best possible conversational automation experience for your business” 

Our technology revolves around the innovative design of our Sofia Conversational AI Platform. 

The Sofia Platform is a full-stack Conversational AI platform which enables enterprises to customize Sofia Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) and deploy them for handling their customers, employees, partners and suppliers. The Sofia Platform has been designed to automate business interactions 24 x 7 across the enterprise using multiple channels of communication. It is one single platform to manage all the IVA deployment in an enterprise in a secure and scalable manner, providing a smooth introduction of the latest in AI technology for enterprise customers. The overall construct of the Sofia Platform is explained in a diagrammatic manner as below.


The intricate design of the Sofia Platform allows enterprises to recognize complex conversation patterns and respond to the other party in natural language. Sofia Platform supports multiple languages, and provides enterprise-grade security, governance and compliance to global standards for ensuring data privacy. Sofia Platform is capable of detecting and handling multiple intents in a conversation, apart from executing multiple threads of conversational flow leading to its ability to handle non-linear conversations. Sofia Platform is also designed in such a way that the Sofia IVAs enabled by it can ask clarifying questions to the user or seek inputs which are necessary for taking further actions. The design of the Sofia Voice Core technology which is at the heart of the Sofia Platform is captured in the diagram below.


Apart from the above features which provide significant benefits to enterprises, the Sofia Platform also offers Sofia Analytics as a key feature. Sofia Analytics captures business insights from customer conversations and provides you with the right tools to understand what matters most to your enterprise. With a comprehensive API functionality the Sofia Platform and Sofia Analytics can integrate with a variety of enterprise applications.

features of sofia analytics

  • Business insights through customer conversations:
    Conversations are a rich source of business information. 
    Sofia Analytics provides you the right tools to visualize what matters most for your business.
  • Self-configuration:
    Do you want to derive product demands or trends or other statistics through customer conversations with Sofia IVA? You can do so with Sofia Analytics.
  • Group and manage analytics with tags:
    Events in conversations can be tagged that helps to organize data. Use different graph types to analyze grouped data.
  • Integrate with existing business solutions:
    Webhook based integrations, triggered by events.
  • Intelligent analytics captured in real-time:
    Examples include client conversation activity, customer profile, product demand.

Why Sofia platform? 

Image Contact Centre

Innovative Way to Design Conversational AI

Our new concept of designing a more natural conversational flow is our patent pending innovation to model human-like conversations with less effort. This brings the best of stateful and stateless conversational AI designs together.

Requires less training data even to address a complex scenario with non-linearity and subtle variations of a conversation flow.

Multi-intent conversations can be handled with ease by Sofia Platform. Clarifying questions can be generated by the Platform and specific inputs can be sought from the user.

Sofia Platform can execute multiple threads of conversational flows, leading to its ability to handle complex non-linear conversations.

Image - Healthcare

Sofia Conversational Analytics

Conversations are a rich source of information from which a business can derive great insights. Sofia Analytics provides you the right tool set to design your own analytics dashboards with just a few clicks.

What if you can see all you know about product demand , clients’ interests, their sentiments, and much more, just through the real conversations that happened !

Sofia Analytics provides real-time metrics on the conversations which have transpired, and the desired data can be extracted via the Sofia Platform’s dashboard. Chat transcripts can also be downloaded for further analysis.

    Image - Insurance

    Rich User Experience Through Sofia Markup Language

    Sofia can generate interactive content, even with actions through Sofia Markup Language. It also allows you to control the way she communicates in different scenarios, letting you to customize the front-end to generate the perfect user experience according to the application.


      Image - Government

      Sofia Smart Learning

      We understand that ordinary conversational AIs don’t react well, when the conversation goes sideways and we know how much it kills the user impression. Are you going to define each and every little variation in a flow chart? Well, it will simply become unmanageable.

      With Sofia Smart Learning, you can make Sofia learn from a written text just like you train a new employee.

        Image - HR

        Seamless Integrations

        Sofia client side libraries and webhook configurations ensure effortless integration to your website, mobile apps and your backend systems.

        Sofia Platform provides pre-built APIs which allow this seamless integration. It also allows custom-built APIs to be implemented for specific customer applications to be integrated. For instance, Sofia Platform can integrate with your CRM system to retrieve user data.

        Customers get a true omni-channel experience by their ability to communicate via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.,

          Image - Supply Chain

          Sofia Eco-System

          We believe conversational automation is not just a technology, it is an art. With this in mind, Cognius.ai is dedicated to building the eco-system that generates expertise and know-how to build the best conversational automation experience for the customer.

          Sofia Eco-System facilitates our customers and partners in accessing re-usable / pre-trained models and templates, API gateway, certification and training programs,  resources, best practices and knowledge base.

            Infographic2 - mobile

            In summary, Sofia Platform has distinct technological advantages in terms of its conceptualization, development and implementation. It will greatly aid in the adoption of AI technologies in enterprises in a user-friendly manner, readying the enterprise for the next wave of digital transformation. These are summarised as below:

                       sofia platform technological advantage

            Infographic2 - mobile